Life of students, as well as a learning process, becomes more complicated every year. This happens because of increasing of information flow, the emergence of new subjects and academic disciplines. In this regard, the intellectual load on the students increases every year. At the same time, modern teaching technologies improve the level and quality of the learning process. One of this technologies is studying with the help of voice recording app WOYB.

The main purpose of this application is to improve the effectiveness of students’ learning activities, develop and train their memory.

The learning process will be more effective with WOYB because this application:

  • activates all three channels of information input: visual, auditory, and speech;
  • gives the opportunity to voice the read information thus it prevents the returning to the already read but unmemorized material due to the shift of attention;
  • activates various types of memory (short-term, long-term) by self-listening of the read

WOYB is a mini-language lab!

The application provides an improvement in the arbitrary memorization of the necessary material written on paper. The memorizing of information is carried out by the mechanisms of short-term, long-term and operational memory.


Reading out loud of the teaching texts contributes to their better memorizing and understanding by students of all age groups. In all age groups, the results of memorization are lower with silent reading.

When reading out loud, the speech and auditory memory units are also connected. Pronouncing the text definitely, enhances memorization. Since the information is worked out by three main blocks of memory: visual, speech and auditory.

Listening to your voice provides the connection with another channel of perception – the auditory one. The application is used to provide the effect of self-listening, in order to activate memory, improve the quality of the learning process. The functional basis of the application is the active use of brain systems through self-listening.

In addition, the use of headphones limits the flow of extraneous information, reduces the switching of thoughts to foreign objects, sounds, and thoughts, i.e., contributes to a better understanding and memorization of the reading material.

At this stage, the logical and associative links to newly received information are established with the links to the already stored data. They are the ones that help to memorize the received information.

Undoubtedly, there is an interdependence between memory, attention, and progress of students.

Abilities of the best voice recorder app:

  • WOYB helps to learn educational information better and for the shortest time possible.
  • It facilitates the process of memorizing, saving and reproducing of the educational information.
  • Memo recorder allows you to activate auditory memory with the dominant visual memory, as well as activate visual memory with the dominant auditory memory.
  • WOYB facilitates mental work in the classroom where a large number of people are present, provides localization from unnecessary noise.
  • It allows you to hear your voice from the side and watch the tone, intonation, and persuasiveness of your speech.

WOYB is the best voice recording software that helps students with a minimum amount of time receive a maximum of new knowledge, effectively develop their intellectual abilities, activate their independent work, and individualize the process of cognition.

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