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Perhaps, everyone during some period of time was or still is a member of a book club. The researchers say that 56% of American women are members of book clubs. Have you ever wondered why do we love them? How many books have members of book clubs read? How many meetings have they had? And finally, what books have they read? We are pretty sure that you, our dearest readers, have all these questions. Otherwise, why would you be reading this article in the first place? And the best news is we have prepared for you answers on these and even more questions in the article below. And if you need to improve your reading skills  this app is right for you! Enjoy!

Reports say if you join a book club your life can become a little longer. According to the results published in medical journal BMI Open, people will have healthier and more enjoyable life if they have strong social bonds. Book clubs are perfect places for building strong and healthy social connections because they are places where you can on a regular base communicate with friends. That will slightly reduce the risk of early death after retirement. However, this one is not the only reason to join a book club. We think the best thing about book clubs is that they broaden our horizons by introducing new books to us, pushing us to read more and giving an opportunity to establish new social connections. All of this helps you to step outside your comfort zone and open yourself to the new possibilities. Book clubs are the best, right?

How many people are in book clubs and how often do they have meetings?

Unfortunately, no one can give a perfect number. There is no central registry of book clubs members, and we cannot rely on information given by book clubs because some people are members of two or three book clubs at the same time. Despite all difficulties, we have some numbers to provide you with. Around five million Americans have book club meeting every few week in someone’s living room/café/bar/bookstore/library, etc. to discuss the most popular books. And you are not in a book club? Really?

Are book clubs just for women?

Our attentive readers definitely notice when talking about book clubs in the previous paragraphs we have not mentioned men even one time. Do not be surprised, men avoid participating in traditional book clubs. It seems that men and reading just do not go together. Just kidding. Of course, we have tried to find out the reason for this phenomenon. First and the most important, please do not think that men hate reading. That is not a point at all. Social surveys explain that men do not like sharing emotions especially when the room are filled with members of the opposite sex.

Also, guys are not interested in philosophical analyze of the inner world of characters, unlike women. Nonetheless, men have book clubs where the leader is men, the book choice is more mannish and discussions are less emotional. And we cannot blame guys for creating more masculine clubs. What the choice do they have in a country where the most popular book club is Oprah’s book club?

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