How It Works

The work of the memory app combines both psychophysiological and physiological aspects. The application is designed to increase the number and quality of assimilated information. This effect is achieved by the nature of our application. Its work is based on the mechanism of synchronization of the sight, hearing, and speech. Such synchronization is provided by a specially developed mechanism that consists of a microphone, amplifier, and headphones.

Using the application you receive information through three channels: visual, auditory and speech. This combination plays a major role in the processing and memorizing of information.

Perception and processing of information

How to Use Best Voice Recorder App?

Before using the product for the intended purpose, it is necessary to connect the headphones, press START, and adjust the comfortable volume depending on the environment.

The person reads the necessary material, which must be memorized, aloud into the microphone (pronouncing the material) and simultaneously hears himself from the side in the headphones (hears this material). This allows you to synchronize the work of the visual, auditory and speech channels of memory and improves memorization of the readable material to 40%. You can call this audio recording app a mini-language lab.

The way memo recorder works is extremely simple, a person reads the educational or any other material into a microphone, then his speech is converted and synchronized and transmitted to the headphones. That is how the learner can use visual, auditory and the speech memory simultaniously. When using voice memo app the brain works very intensively.

Therefore, to use this application successfully follow the advice below:

Recommendation: do not work with the application more than 45 minutes per day during the first week of the usage. The brain must gradually adapt to the active load caused by the simultaneous flow of information through three channels: visual, auditory and speech. During the second week do not use the app more than two hours per day. After this period of time, you can use voice recording app as much as you need.

This application during studying process has impact on:

1. Qualities of the remembering information.

2. The speed of remembering information.

3. The depth of the information assimilation, the length of the remembering and the possibility of its reproduction.

4. The level of concentration when learning the necessary information.

5. Increasing or decreasing the number of regressions (returning to the read material but not memorizing due to lack of attention).

6. Reducing or increasing mental exhaustion.

7. The process of information reproduction.

8. The ability to quickly extract some of the acquired information.

9. Activation of auditory and visual memory. (Activation of auditory memory in students with dominant visual memory and vice versa).

Basic Functions of The App

  • The application simplifies mental work in the classroom, where a large number of people are present. Also, it provides localization from extraneous noise effects.
  • WOYB allows you to hear your voice from the side and watch the tone, intonation, and smoothness of your speech.
  • Self-recorder increases the efficiency of memory, volume of memory as well as the efficiency of the brain in general.

The Target Audience

WOYB application is indispensable for the following categories of users:

  1. For anyone who prepares a public presentation (public speaking and speech presentation), job interview, a business offer to an important investor or another important speech:
  • All kinds of students, doctors of science;
  • Entrepreneurs, businessmen;
  • Speakers;
  • TV and radio workers.
  1. For reading fans:
  • Members of book clubs;
  • Members of the poet/writing communities;
  • Writers and poets.
  1. To improve quality of singing (quality of voice):
  • Singers;
  • Actors.
  1. In the medical field this application can be used to improve mental (psychological) qualities or characteristics; increase self-esteem and reduce stressful situations and eliminate speech flaws:
  • Voice therapy;
  • Conversations with oneself;
  • Eliminating burr and/or stuttering.

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