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Everyone’s memory has different characteristics because it tells the story of people’s live.  Memory keeps all humans’ habits, people and places connected to us, successes and losses. Despite telling life stories, memory influences the speed and importance of decision-making process as the most essential and live-long of human’s skills. Do you know that memory can save 100% of information? Of course, people cannot use all of heard or learned data but all of us would like to have this useful skill of extracting from brain necessary information when it is needed. This skill can and should be trained.  Why should people improve and train memory? The answer is obvious, memory is a web where new and old facts are connected.

Ways to Improve Memory

Different approaches can be used for memory training and development, among them are visual, auditory algorithms and speech. For instance, one can use poem learning as a memory improvement technique. It is easier to remember rhythmically organized information.

The other interesting fact about memory is that children remember more things than adults. Small kids (under 6 years old) learn 50% of all vital information. With growing up this data are supplemented by some details but basics are already in children’s brain. It is easy to remember when you perceive data through emotions as kids do. Motivation to learn this world makes it easier for children to memorize information better than adults.

What about grownups? Adults have a different motivation, for example, to learn a new language for usage in a daily life not for good marks. This desire helps to memorize new information but motivation will not make the process of remembering easier. That is why we decided to help students all over the world and created very simple but extremely useful memory app.

WOYB – One of the Best Memory Apps

WOYB is one of the mechanical ways of remembering information. Developers did their best to make learning and memorizing process effectively. The application helps to assimilate data better and significantly reduce the learning time. It facilitates the process of material memorizing, saving and reproducing.

Why Is WOYB Effective?

The reason is an undeniable connection between this audio recording app and humans’ psychophysiology. The functional basis of the application is the use of psychophysiological mechanisms and sensory systems of the brain. The one who uses the application receives information through three channels: visual, auditory, speech.

The main channel of information perception is a visual one. The human eye can instantly record entire complexes of written information. Humans’ so-called analyzer is the leading system that plays a huge role in the learning process.

The next important channel for information perception is the auditory (hearing) sensor. The effect of sound stimuli is retained for a short time in the sensory register in its original form thus further processing is possible. This recording app allows you to use all these channels at the same time, which increases the result of memorizing.

The perception of a word necessarily involves so-called silent reading. In this case, the perception of a word (text) is as following: text → visual analyzer → silent reading → semantic identification. Thus, the presented graphic information is sensory analyzed, then the visual representation is recorded into the auditory form.

The speech motor analyzer contributes to the process of brain stimulation, caused simultaneously by three kinds of strong stimuli: visual, auditory and speech, and this affects the Is WOYB assimilation of information.

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