I believe we live in the Greatest time of the Human history.

It is time of opportunities, when everything becomes possible no matter who you are and what you do. Today is the perfect time to take all of the technologies and innovations we have and use them to improve our lives by making them easier, more productive and more fun.
That is why I created WOYB App.
This App is a kind of a workout for your brain. It improves memorization of the information you are reading by letting you hear what you are reading in real time.

Download WOYB

Using Woyb App will help you to:

• Memorize more, better and faster;
• Stay more focused on what you are reading;
• Decrease distraction while reading and learning;
• Decrease the number of times when you don’t remember what was on the previous page;
• Get ready for an important speech or exam on time;
• Improve your lifestyle by using new smart technologies – this is a strange one, not sure if its worth keeping. If you keep it, it should be technology not technologies.

How to use this App:

• Connect your headphones to your device;
• Push the button in the middle of the screen;
• Stard reading aloud, so you can hear your voice in your headphones;
• Adjust the volume if needed;
• Record your voice and playback it later like an audiobook to improve memorization of the info you have read even more.

Work Out Your Brain